Ballyhalbert/Talbotstown Graveyard

The graveyard is on the left of the Shore Road, by the seafront, as you drive through Ballyhalbert.

The remains of the church here probably date back to the 13th century when this site was the home of the Anglo/Norman Talbot family. The church was restored by Sir James Hamilton in 1622 for the settlers he had bought from Scotland. He installed the Rev George Porter as minister but it seems he was not to the liking of the largely Presbyterian congregation. He was expelled by the Covenanters (early Presbyterians) for insisting on using the Book of Common Prayer.

By the end of the century the church was derelict again and materials were salvaged from it to build the new parish church at Balligan, including, it is believed, the spectacular roof timbers. Despite being used by the early Ulster-Scots who settled in the area there are no memorials to them surviving in the graveyard today.


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