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  1. Take the A2 coastal road from Ballywalter towards Portaferry and turn right at Inishargy Road. Church is about two miles down on left.


  1. The graveyard is on the left of the Shore Road, by the seafront, as you drive through Ballyhalbert.


  1. Coming from Donaghadee on the coastal road (Whitechurch Road) turn right at Dunover Road. The cemetery is about a mile down on your right.


  1. Corner of Abbey Street and Newtownards Road, near the centre of Bangor.
  2. Off Castle Park Avenue, in the centre of Bangor
  3. Adjacent to Bangor Castle.


  1. The church is located at 79 Church Road, near the centre of Castlereagh.


  1. Seven miles north-east of Downpatrick, one mile from Strangford on the A25.


  1. The church is just off the main square in Comber.


  1. In Church Lane, near the centre of town.
  2. Along Shore Street, by the harbour
  3. Near the junction of High Street and Manor Street.


  1. St Elizabeth’s on Church Green, off Church Road, near Upper Newtownards Road.


  1. On Newtownards Road, just past the mini roundabout in the centre of Greyabbey.
  2. The ruined abbey is on the outskirts of Greyabbey village, at the entrance to Rosemount Estate.
  3. The cottage is situated on an inlet on Mid Island in Strangford Lough, near Greyabbey.


  1. At the harbour off Groomsport Main Street after the Bangor Road, you will also find the Cockle Row Cottages.


  1. At the junction of High Street and Shore Road and Church Road.
  2. Off High Street on the corner of Bangor Road


  1. On top of Church Hill at the north end of Killinchy village with views over Strangford Lough.
  2. Follow the A22 to Balloo and take the Craigarusky Road, which is on the left if travelling from Comber. Around 150 metres from the turn you will see the church and Anderson Hall on the left and the car park and new hall on the right.


  1. Just off High Street in the centre of town
  2. On Church Hill, at the North East end of Killyleagh.


  1. The castle is about 1.5 miles north of Cloughey village.

Mount Stewart

  1. About five miles from Newtownards on the road to Portaferry.


  1. Off Movilla Road, in the outskirts of Newtownards


  1. This townland is on the coastal road (Newcastle Road) between Cloughey and Kearney.


  1. From Newtownards High Street, turn right into Old Cross Street and left into Court Street. Look out for the Old Market Cross on the way.
  2. The Market House is in Conway Square, in the centre of Newtownards.
  3. At the east end of High Street, around the corner from Newtownards Priory.


  1. Enter through Portaferry Tourist and information Centre in the Stables Building in Castle Street.
  2. In the Square, just up the hill from the ferry.
  3. In Portaferry’s Conservation Area, at the junction of Steel Dickson Avenue and Meeting House Street.
  4. Off Church Street, in Portaferry’s Conservation Area.


  1. On the coastal road about two and a half miles east of Portaferry.


  1. Sketrick Castle stands on an island site reached by a causeway on the west coast of Strangford Lough, near Whiterock.